Our Team


Water has been my favorite element for as long as I can remember. Hardly on my feet, I climbed into every paddling pool, every fountain, I didn't miss a puddle. A mountain lake in Switzerland seemed to be the right place to put an end on splashing around and practice serious moves. Soon after, as a member of the swimming club, every free hour was dedicated to water. My passion for diving was aroused later in the Lake Thun. In Sharm El Sheikh, the underwater paradise opened up to me. Through this love one thing led to another and it was clear to me: The life of diving is just wonderful! 


My passion for diving was awakened at a very early age due to family reasons – when your own father is a diving instructor, you can’t avoid the water. That's how I got my first dives as a child. I was able to complete my first youth diving certification on Elba. Over time, my dives and courses accumulated, so in 2013 I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. I was able to gain experience as a diving instructor on the Red Sea for a total of four years. 


As a real Marelino veteran, I know the diving areas around Elba from years of experience. Even after more than 2000 dives, I am always happy when I can live out my passion for diving and pass on my enthusiasm for the underwater world. To me, sitting comfortably on our roof-deck with friends at the end of a great dive is just as much a highlight as the fascinating underwater world. 


For as long as I can remember, I've spent my holidays on Elba almost every year. That's how it happened that, at the age of 12, I immersed myself in the underwater world at MarelinoSub thanks to Äge. I completed my OWD and have been completely fascinated by this other world ever since. I have been a guide at MarelinoSub since 2022 and I am happy to be able to show the guests the most beautiful diving spots.


At the tender age of six weeks I was infected with Elba fever. I have been loyal to the dreamlike island for around 40 years. I started diving over thirty years ago. In 2016 I was trained as a diving instructor. Seeing the sparkling eyes of people who come into contact with this whole nother world is such a pleasure to me. 


When Tille brought me to Elba in 2013, I immediately fell in love with this wonderful island and the fantastic trips on the Gabbiano. According to the motto "It's never too late, ..." I learned to love diving and I am - despite my youth - a Marelino chick. After I passed my Divemaster in 2018, I guide the divers through the wonderful underwater world around Elba with passion and always in a good mood.