Our prices 

Your advantage

Every 10th dive at MarelinoSub is free for trained divers. As a MarelinoSub Member with bronze status, you benefit from your very first dive with us. Silver members, starting from 50 dives with MarelinoSub, and Gold members, starting from 100 dives with us, enjoy further price advantages. 

Price overview 2024

Single dive

38.- Euro

Check-In fee (omitted after 3. dive)

 5.- Euro

Private guide (if asked for and available)

15.- Euro

Try dive

60.- Euro

Try dive from the boat (possible after first try dive)

75.- Euro

1/2 day boat trip (snorkeling excursion, incl. equipment)

18.- Euro

1/2 day boat trip for young person at age 4-15 (snorkeling excursion, incl. equipment)

12.- Euro

Rental equipment per piece and dive

  6.- Euro

Full rental equipment per dive

22.- Euro

Torch (not included the rental equipment)

  5.- Euro

Beginners course OWD (incl. 6 dives, equipment, course documents and online-certification)

470.- Euro

All prices incl. taxes!

MarelinoSub vouchers

The perfect gift! You have the opportunity to purchase any number of dives or different courses as vouchers. These vouchers are valid for 2 years. Or you give away one of our unlimited vouchers for a freely selectable amount of money. We would be happy to advise you. 

Payment options

Since a diving holiday does not always take place as planned, due to bad weather conditions or illness, we do not offer the option of prepayment. Payment is made at the end of your diving holiday based on the service provided. We accept cash, payment by bank transfer or credit card. 

If you have any questions or would like further price information, do not hesitate to get in touch.